SONIC ALL STARS Racing Transformed, Shadow Pullback Action Toy Car


  • Shadow the Hedgehog race- True to the game detailed licensed Speed Star and Shadow the Hedgehog racing car measuring 10cm in length and 5cm wide.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog has been proven to be unbeatable on foot in the game. 
  • Shadow the Hedgehogs peed Star is fun and very easy to play with for 3 yrs old+! This Team Shadow Racing pullback action toy car is 9-10cm long and is so easy to race. Just pull back, release and watch Sonic ZOOM pass the other cars at Sonic the Hedgehog speed!
  • Shadow the Hedgehog racing car will definitely put a smile on every boy or girl who love receiving Shadow the Hedgehog toys. Will stand up to robust play for days on end.

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