RaindropsSKU: R14012


Raindrop Trolls Wax Candy

Gel Candy Wax 

UNIT: 1 Trolls Wax Candy Assorted

CASE: 24 Trolls Wax Candy

  • AN EDIBLE ADVENTURE: Yummy novelty candy that tastes great and is fun to eat.  Compress Candy Troll Head, and squeezy out  candy gel.
  • SATISFY YOUR SWEET TOOTH: This  Candy Troll Wax offers four deafferents  flavor!  Blueberry , Cola, Strawberry and Apple to try. Squirt the candy wax into your mouth and enjoy. Fun for all ages.
  • PUPULAR: Have a contest on social media to see who can squeeze the most candy troll wax from the troll ear to your mouth! Flavor ships assorted. 
  • SAVE IT FOR LATER: Can’t eat it all at once? No problem -Spray Candy Wax as you go. Great for birthdays, parties, holidays or celebrations.
  • MAKES A UNIQUE GIFT: Looking for a unique gift to give? Candy Troll Wax is the new magical novelty  candy will surprise and delight everyone. Be known as the cool gift-giver!

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