Push Pop Candy, Assorted Fruity Flavor Lollipops 24pcs

Push PopSKU: C980358712


Push Pop Jumbo Assorted Fruity Flavor Lollipops, 0.5 Oz

Case 24ct x 0.5 OZ

Each Jumbo Push Pop is spring loaded , so the candy "Jumps" out when the cap is removed. Five assorted fruit flavors per Box: Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Berry Blast, Watermelon, and NEW Cotton Candy


  • In need of a candy break? Grab a Jumbo Push Pop! Jumbo Push Pop is a super-sized delicious and simple lollipop that is spring-loaded to deliver intense flavor action to your mouth.
  • Each one comes in a rugged plastic case that has a cap with a clip so you can easily bring it with you anywhere. Eat some now and save the rest for later - wherever you go!
  • Easy to carry case with cap lets you enjoy some now and save the rest for later, wherever you are
  • Great for kids, virtual parties, birthday parties, party favors, and more
  • Shelf-stable snacks that make great pantry items – perfect treats to have around the house for kids

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