M&M's Light Blue Chocolate Candies, Chocolate Chips

M&M'sSKU: 10469-5

Size: 5LB (0.71-OZ)

M&M's Light Blue Chocolate Candies

Fun Fact

  • CELEBRATE COLORFUL CHOCOLATE FUN! Thinking of unique engagement decorations or chocolate gifts? There's nothing more special than M&M's milk chocolate candy bulk
  • IMAGINE YOUR CANDY BOWL FULL OF SWEETNESS! M&M'S is an all-around party candy then, now, and beyond, from guessing games, cupcakes, and cookie tops to edible decorations. Bring home extras in a chocolate box or spare and share to make friends
  • FUN AND EXCITING EDIBLE DECOR! Place it inside the bottles, small jars, or candy bags. M&M'S chocolate candy is perfect for any party gatherings, small occasions, short meetings, girl hangouts, or to surprise simple snack packs
  • FRESHNESS AND QUALITY! Store your M&M'S chocolate at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate nor expose at high temperature to retain the edible prints of your favorite party mix
  • 1 POUNDS TO MAKE YOUR PARTY FAVORS FUN! Make every gathering sweet, invite family and friends to celebrate, and enjoy the company while sharing M&M'S Bulk Chocolate Candy today!

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