BABY BOTTLE FLASH POP, Candy Party - 12 Count Case

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Case: 12 - 1.34 oz Baby Flash Pop

  • Lollipop and dipping candy
  • Light-up dispenser
  • Blue raspberry, strawberry, watermelon

Light-up lollipops with dipping candy make your novelty gifts pop.

Each baby bottle shaped dispenser immediately starts lighting up the second you take off the lid. flavors. 

Eat it, lick the lollipop top and dip, dunk or shake it with the sweet flavored powder to boost the taste to the next level of deliciousness and silliness.

The topper is a tart lollipop that can be eaten on its own or dipped into tangy, crunchy candy pieces.

Shelf-stable snacks that make great pantry items – perfect treats to have around the house for kids!

There are three different flavors to choose from – blue raspberry, strawberry and watermelon.

Great for kids, parties, party favors, goodie bags and baby showers, birthday party. 

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